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Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled preventative service increases the life of your car.  The same is true for your digital musical instruments.
Although Digital instruments do not require tuning, they do require service.
Environmental factors such as dust, humidity and normal usage affect your instruments.
    This means service is required to maintain reliable performances.
When you discover Digital keyboards have malfunctioning keys and controls (silent, clicking, unpredictable),
    most likely they need our TLC maintenance that costs much less than a new instrument.


Digital musical instruments that we service

       Digital Pianos, Synthesizers, keyboards, arrangers, electronic organs, and workstations.


We Service all major brands, including:

       Yamaha, Roland, Kawai, Korg, Kurzweil, Casio and other brands

       We also service legacy instruments such as Hammond, Leslie, Conn, Wurlitzer, Thomas, Allen, Rodgers and others brands


Emergency Service

Accidents happen; Whether there damage due to a spill, lightning, or physical damage, we can help restore your instrument!

Call/text us at the number below and schedule our service technicians today!


Conserve your budget!

It is more convenience to make one service call with us, instead of the multiple vendors.

Using our services,  you pay for one vendor to travel!


    Key Benefits:

    You will notice a difference after we service your instrument....

  •    A well serviced instrument is more pleasurable for an musician to provide accompaniment
  •    A reliable instrument relieves you of one less worry.
  •    A well maintained instrument invites participation
    • Renovation
    • Since musical styles and tastes have evolved, we have consulted on improvements.  
      Many instruments have experienced a new life after a cost effective renovation that keeps your musical tastes and budget in mind.

    • Restoration
    • Many grand instruments that are over 50 years old need some tender loving care to restore them to their original grandeur. 
      We have provided that restoration services such as releathering, re-regulation, rewiring, and general mechanical maintenance of many instruments.

    Maximize your budget with multi Instrument service
    Many facilities have several musical instruments. 
    Make sure they are in tune with each other!  Even a member who is non-musical can and will notice instruments that are out of tune.
    • We can make sure your various instruments will be in tune with each other by tuning them in the proper sequence and under the correct conditions.


    Plan for tomorrow and call today for an appointment      We help you sound your best!  

    Church Music Systems - 207-837-2196
    110 Fisher Road - Bowdoinham, Maine  04008

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    Last modified: September 10, 2015