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Today, it is a given that many other activities compete for the involvement of members.,
Here are our products and services to make the best use of time:
SATB choirs can now expedite practice with Multi-part accompaniment
Do you have a choir who doesn't read music well? 
Has your practice ground to a halt when a section leader cannot make an important rehearsal?
Your choir's time is valuable! 

The choir's gumption can be conserved by using our Multi-part accompaniment system that can make your practice time more productive today!  

-    Rather than replaying each part repetitively while the rest of your choir is yawning, our patented system plays each part through a sectional speaker. 

SATB choirs can now practice offsite with Multi-part accompaniment CDs

-    Our Multi-Part system also has the capability of generating sectional CD's that can be played in the home or car to enable choir members to practice on their own schedules.
Digital Music Production: MP3, DAW, Streaming radio / Youtube / Facebook / MP3-P.A. Music 
Many members are snowbirds or, for other reasons, must temporarily be absent. 
After an extended vacation, we have found that a recognizable regular reminder is helpful for them to return.


There are many methods to remind your community of your presence.  An reliable hourly chime from your bell tower can assist you in attracting the attention of prospective new members.  Contact us to install and maintain these systems
including mplified tubular bar or electronic Carillons.
Solve many Band Issues with 'Arranger' keyboards
Pop and contemporary music requires the coordinated work of an entire band to provide accompaniment. 
Related issues will arise, such as:
What happens if some of your volunteers don't show? 
    Or an amateur compromises the musical integrity of the group?
Our proven processes extend the use of arranger keyboards that permit a reliable accompaniment that can be
customized to the band members present and their respective talents.
In addition, our process can quickly introduce a variety of musical styles to enliven your music programs.


What is the best tradition of ringing in the holidays?  The tradition of chimes is familiar to all worshippers.  See us to install and maintain both acoustic and electronic installations.


We are familiar with the tuning and repair of both traditional and electronic pianos.  We can also make sure that your organ and piano are in tune with one another.  Multi-timbral synthesizers are available to embody the complete sound palette.
The King of Instruments has been the rock solid foundation of traditional liturgical accompaniment. 
We install and economically maintain both pipe and electronic organs to meet the musical and budget needs of your church.

We are able to install electronic pedal stops, which are appropriate when space or financial consideration preclude the installation of 32' pipes
Gospel Organs
Classic Hammond organs are the solid bedrock of Gospel worship.  Your congregation will not be able to sit while the organist belts out another verse of your favorite Gospel hymn.




Plan for tomorrow and call today for an appointment      We help you sound your best!  

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